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Adam's Gift - General Production Information

Adam's Gift is a SPOTLIGHT workshop production of a new play by Peter Filichia. The play, directed by Spotlight's Tim Barden will be presented at Spotlight Theater (formally StudioThree) on December 13-15 and again the following weekend December 20-22. Specific show times are yet to be determined. Although the show is currently scheduled to run two weekends, presale for the first weekend will determine whether the second weekend performances happen.

Actors will each receive a $40 per performance honorarium.  

Those cast in this show can expect to be in rehearsal beginning roughly mid-October through opening. Since the cast is small, the specific rehearsal schedule will not be determined until casting is complete allowing us to structure the rehearsal schedule to best accommodate individual schedules. However, we do anticipate rehearsing Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Those rehearsals will take place at SPOTLIGHT while other rehearsals will take place at alternate locations if there are schedule conflicts at the studio.

Presently we anticipate a technical rehearsal at SPOTLIGHT on Saturday December 7th beginning approximately 3PM. This rehearsal will go no later than 9PM. The next day, Sunday December 8th. the remainder of the technical rehearsal (if any) will occur followed by a DRESS REHEARSAL. Plan on an early afternoon start.

SPOTLIGHT THEATER is used primarily for teaching purposes and has classes scheduled throughout the week.  It can be converted from a studio to an 80 seat theater in less than 1/2 hour depending on the design requirements of the show. For Adam's Gift we expect the design to be very light, so the space you play in tonight may well hold a ballet class tomorrow morning.

All schedules are subject to change however we do expect with the exception of production week a minimum of one week notice of changes will be given.

Adam's Gift - About Peter Filichia (Playwright)

 Peter Filichia

Peter Filichia

Peter Filicia (Playwright) - Peter Filichia is the former New York-based theater critic for The Newark Star Ledger newspaper in New Jersey and New Jersey's television station News 12.

In addition, Filichia has two weekly columns at Masterworks Broadway and Kritzerland, and also writes regular entries for the Music Theatre International Marquee blog. He wrote a regular column, "Peter Filichia's Diary," for the website from November 2001 until October 2011, and previously for the website BroadwayOnLine.

Filichia was born in June 1946. He is the author of the books Strippers, Showgirls and Sharks: A Very Opinionated History of the Broadway Musicals that Did Not Win the Tony Award, Let's Put on a Musical!: How to Choose the Right Show for Your School, Community or Professional Theater, Broadway Musicals: the Biggest Hit and the Biggest Flop of the Season, 1959 to 2009, Broadway MVPs 1960-2010: The Most Valuable Players of the Past 50 Seasons and the forthcoming.

He served four terms as president and chairman of the nominating committee of the Drama Desk. He has also been a member of the nominating committee for the Lucille Lortel Awards and is currently the host and head of the selection committee of the Theatre World Awards. He has also written the liner notes for many Broadway cast albums, including Jesus Christ Superstar and Fade Out - Fade In, and is the critic-in-residence for the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He has served on an assessment panel for the NEA and is the musical theater judge for the ASCAP Awards program. He has appeared on television with Sally Jessy Raphaël, Phil Donahue, and on Saturday Night Live. In 2004 and 2005, he hosted with Matthew Murray the live theatre discussion show Bitch or Brag About Broadway at New York's 45th Street Theatre.

Adam's Gift - Show Synopsis

Adam’s Gift is a one act play written by Peter Filichia, based on the Charles Dickins’ novella, A Christmas Carol.

Set in a somewhat indeterminate 'present day' Manhattan, it is the story of Willard Pront, a self-serving 65 year old slumlord whose financial success was built on navigating the rough waters of authorities and tenants determined to make him open his wallet and bring his properties up to code. We quickly discover that Willard has a secret that colors his existence and obscures his humanity.

In the picture too is Pront’s long-suffering employee Jason, Jason’s ex-wife Lisa and their seriously ill son Adam. Completing the picture is the ethereal character, 'The Ghost' who acts as the catalyst for Pront’s transformation by reminding him of his past and forcing him to see the present as it truly is.

Just as Adam’s health begins to worsen he learns the secret that has helped make Pront the desperately unhappy man that he is.  Adam decides to give Pront a gift.. one that will change Pront’s life forever and begin to heal his injured soul. Transformed by his new friends’ generosity Pront now tries desperately to help Adam overcome his terminal illness.

Adam’s Gift is an uplifting story of redemption and forgiveness.  Humorous and heartwarming it is a new spin on an old tale to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Adam’s Gift is the first of a series of workshop productions from Spotlight Vermont featuring works in progress from established and emerging playwrights of the American stage. Adam’s Gift will be performed in Spotlight’s 80 seat black box theater.


Adam's Gift - Character Descriptions


Stage age, Mid ‘60s. Overweight to the point of obesity but otherwise not well rounded. Isolated by his ignorance and shame, Pront is caustic, bullying and a damaged soul. However, hidden deep within his chest, underneath a veneer of veiled indifference lies a heart of solid 24 karat gold. Pront's childhood holds a secret.A true actor’s challenge. Note: Pront’s attribute of being overweight although preferred, is not a requirement. It is a manifestation of his injured psyche and if needed, the director and actor can find another.


Stage age, Mid 40s.  Jason is Adam’s father and Lisa’s ex-husband. He is loyal to a fault. Although divorced his depth of love for his ex-wife and son remains unwavering.Requires an actor that can give a nuanced performance.

The Ghost / Carol Abbot

Stage age 50s-60s. Beautiful, ageless, ethereal but most of all… a lady. The Ghost is the driving force behind the piece.


12 Yr old. (Precast - Jonathan Barden) - A bright young man suffering from illnesses both of the soul and the body. The former due to what is likely an incurable disease, the latter from the after effect of his parents divorce.


Stage age Mid 30’s - Mid 40’s. Mother to Adam, Lisa is pretty inside and out. She divorced Jason partly because of her frustration over his lack of ambition and passivity. Nonetheless, the love she still holds for Jason burns brighter as she sees how Adam’s illness affects him.

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