Adam's Gift - Show Synopsis

Adam’s Gift is a one act play written by Peter Filichia, based on the Charles Dickins’ novella, A Christmas Carol.

Set in a somewhat indeterminate 'present day' Manhattan, it is the story of Willard Pront, a self-serving 65 year old slumlord whose financial success was built on navigating the rough waters of authorities and tenants determined to make him open his wallet and bring his properties up to code. We quickly discover that Willard has a secret that colors his existence and obscures his humanity.

In the picture too is Pront’s long-suffering employee Jason, Jason’s ex-wife Lisa and their seriously ill son Adam. Completing the picture is the ethereal character, 'The Ghost' who acts as the catalyst for Pront’s transformation by reminding him of his past and forcing him to see the present as it truly is.

Just as Adam’s health begins to worsen he learns the secret that has helped make Pront the desperately unhappy man that he is.  Adam decides to give Pront a gift.. one that will change Pront’s life forever and begin to heal his injured soul. Transformed by his new friends’ generosity Pront now tries desperately to help Adam overcome his terminal illness.

Adam’s Gift is an uplifting story of redemption and forgiveness.  Humorous and heartwarming it is a new spin on an old tale to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Adam’s Gift is the first of a series of workshop productions from Spotlight Vermont featuring works in progress from established and emerging playwrights of the American stage. Adam’s Gift will be performed in Spotlight’s 80 seat black box theater.