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Adam's Gift - Character Descriptions


Stage age, Mid ‘60s. Overweight to the point of obesity but otherwise not well rounded. Isolated by his ignorance and shame, Pront is caustic, bullying and a damaged soul. However, hidden deep within his chest, underneath a veneer of veiled indifference lies a heart of solid 24 karat gold. Pront's childhood holds a secret.A true actor’s challenge. Note: Pront’s attribute of being overweight although preferred, is not a requirement. It is a manifestation of his injured psyche and if needed, the director and actor can find another.


Stage age, Mid 40s.  Jason is Adam’s father and Lisa’s ex-husband. He is loyal to a fault. Although divorced his depth of love for his ex-wife and son remains unwavering.Requires an actor that can give a nuanced performance.

The Ghost / Carol Abbot

Stage age 50s-60s. Beautiful, ageless, ethereal but most of all… a lady. The Ghost is the driving force behind the piece.


12 Yr old. (Precast - Jonathan Barden) - A bright young man suffering from illnesses both of the soul and the body. The former due to what is likely an incurable disease, the latter from the after effect of his parents divorce.


Stage age Mid 30’s - Mid 40’s. Mother to Adam, Lisa is pretty inside and out. She divorced Jason partly because of her frustration over his lack of ambition and passivity. Nonetheless, the love she still holds for Jason burns brighter as she sees how Adam’s illness affects him.

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