Cara Bayor

Cara has been dancing for 34 years and teaching for 21 years .

Cara Beyor has lived most of her life in New England and New York. Training with multiple studios as well as master classes with teachers from NYC. She started her dance life with Canterella (now the Albany-Berkshire Ballet) then with David DeMarie dance studio in Buffalo NY where she competed for 4 years . She started the first high school dance team in Western MA in 1995-6 at her high school. After that she danced in college with Ellen Sinopoli and a student organization at Russell Sage college. After graduating from college she moved to VT and found Spotlight on dance after trying classes in multiple places. "Spotlight is the perfect fit; a place that I can share with students my love of dance and help build confidence while learning something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives."

Tim Barden