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You may be a middle or high school student who's either interested in, or already working in technical theater for your school, community theater etc. You might be thinking "Is this the kind of thing that I can someday do to earn a living?" You might have had the chance to work with lighting, sound, sets etc. but are wondering where to go to get the kind of comprehensive training needed to learn the finer details of technology in theater.


VTMTA has produced ground breaking performing arts education for Vermonters since it's establishment in 2015 by Spotlight Vermont and Bill Reed Voice Studios. We believe that there are a number of different paths for kids interested in working in the performing arts beyond performing. TechArts is VTMTA's next step in creating a comprehensive set of offerings that provide opportunities to students otherwise unavailable in the area.

Our advisory staff includes technical theater professionals who have worked throughout the world across a wide range of disciplines and genres.  Our training program is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of all areas of technical theater with the option to concentrate in one of several areas over the course of the two year program.


The Program

Are you curious what it takes to get into the Shrek costume? Or, how they designed the Barricade in Les Miserables? Do you YouTube behind-the-scenes videos of Cirque Du Soleil shows?


If this sounds like you, we have the answers and a whole lot more! VTMTA (Vermont Musical Theatre Academy) is offering a weekend technical program this fall designed to provide exposure to all the various backstage jobs in wide variety of industries.


In this, the first of three trimester courses, we will explore the historical significance right up to today’s designs of each respective discipline across industries. We’ll discuss Sets and Props, Costumes and Makeup, Lighting and Audio, Special Effects and Rigging, Radio and Television, Feature Films and Animation, Theme Parks and Cruise Lines, and anything else you want to know about. We’ll even get to play with some of the latest toys available! There are also options to get hands-on experience working on some of the VTMTA shows scheduled for this year in our Black Box theater.

The intention of this course is to provide an introduction to the many facets of “backstage” and inspire you to follow your art wherever it takes you.

Program Leadership

Steve Smith - Team Leader

Steve Smith - Team Leader

Steve Smith is a familiar face in the Vermont theater landscape. What many people don't know is that before moving to Vermont, Steve was Facilities Manager at Los Angeles Theatre Center. His broad experience in both technical theater, audio/visual technology makes him a valued resource for students learning about the different ways technology is used in the performing arts.




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