“I'm afraid I can't explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see?” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

The Vermont Musical Theatre Academy (VTMTA) at Spotlight is an  integrated program of study and performance in voice, acting, dance and theater arts for middle and high school age students.

The mission of the Academy is to use creative studies to encourage personal growth, develop self-confidence and a passion for excellence. The program is designed to identify student goals, evaluate skills and create individual plans for development so that by the end of high school, students have a clear strategy in mind to successfully achieve their aspirations. Creative arts vocation is not limited to being onstage, there are exciting opportunities in the business for performers and non performers alike. No stone goes unturned and no avenues remain unexplored.

VTMTA Technical Theater Classes

It’s clear that the students at Vermont Musical Theatre Academy are receiving some of the best training around. Not only are they talented beyond measure with the ability to interpret a song well beyond their years- but more importantly, they are professional and kind. This is because Jen, Tim Barden, Bill Reed and the rest of their faculty foster not only the performer, but also the person- something that is invaluable for any young artist. It’s truly my pleasure to be able to work with these students. I look forward to seeing where they go!
— Rikki Gimelstob - NY Casting Director
Rikki Gimmelstob

Rikki Gimmelstob

"There is no better place to grow as an artist!"   - Broadway's Kerstin Anderson

"There is no better place to grow as an artist!" - Broadway's Kerstin Anderson

The VTMTA program is right for you if you...

  • Love performing arts and want a program where training is recognized as the key to becoming more successful.
  • Are interested in training with a faculty who have a proven track record in producing, performing and creating theater and who have students working professionally on Broadway and in L.A.
  • Love to work with other students who are always looking to learn and improve.
  • Have enjoyed performing in school or community theater and would like to have more success in landing the roles you want.
  • Want a program that integrates all elements of musical theater training into one cohesive, convenient, affordable school year offering.
  • Want a program that provides access to resources covering all elements of success
    • Extensive Training
    • Special Performance Opportunities
    • Audition Technique / Preparation
    • Marketing Yourself
    • Guidance with Post High School Choices (College, Professional Schools, Diving In)
    • Performance opportunities
We were so happy to find VTMTA for our daughter (Savannah)!  She travels from Rutland every weekend and it is worth every mile for the theory education in dance, music and acting. Thank you for providing such a wonderful, well-rounded, musical theater education.
— Mindy Hastings

Details, Details....

  • Where - The academy meets at our South Burlington studios. All performances are held in our fully appointed  black box theater.
  • When - Saturdays from 1 to 4 PM.

    There are two semesters at VTMTA.
    • Fall - Beginning the Saturday of the first week of Spotlight's fall schedule
    • Spring - Beginning the Saturday of the first week Spotlight is in session following the holiday break in December.
  • Cost - The tuition is billed at a rate of $150 per month.
    • There are four billing months in the fall semester and five billing months in the spring. All Spotlight Vermont payment options apply.
    • Spotlight has limited scholarships available to help defer the cost of the program for those students in need. We try hard to make sure all students who wish to attend the program are able to so. For information about the scholarship program follow this link.
    • There is a participation fee for the Spring Musical of $500 per student to cover costs associated with the production including royalties, sets, costumes, rehearsal time and staff costs. VTMTA members receive a $200 credit for each enrolled semester so if both semesters are attended the participation fee is reduced to $100 (one semester, $300). Participation fees can be offset by obtaining sponsorships or program ad sales. Production profits (if any) are used to fund the VTMTA scholarship program.

VTMTA Registration

VTMTA is proud to use curriculum from the Drama Teacher Academy

VTMTA is proud to use curriculum from the Drama Teacher Academy