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Let Your Light Shine

Performing arts education and performing opportunities. Dance, acting, musical theater education for both casual and professional students of all ages.

We record each performance and post the videos of each of the numbers in the show to our YouTube Channel "Spotlight Vermont".  All videos are freely available and there is no cost to our students associated with this. You can watch or share any of them with your friends and family anywhere in the world (where there's internet service of course). We want everyone to see our wonderful students in action doing what they love.

Spotlight Vermont 2015 South Burlington Showcase. 5:30PM

Although many performing arts schools continue to ban the use of personal video recording during their end of year showcases, Spotlight permits the  taking of videos for personal use subject to the following guidelines.

1) Please do not use video lights on your camera. The stage lighting should be more than sufficient for your needs and bright lights in the audience can be distracting to both performers and other audience members.

2) Be considerate of other audience members when videotaping. Please do not hold your device so high as to prevent other audience members from being able to see the show.

3) At no time is taping from the front of the house allowed. If anyone moves to the front of the house, the show will be stopped until such time as the front has been cleared.

4) The choreography used in each of the dances is owned by the individual choreographer and may not be used or sold or commercially distributed without permission of the copyright holder.

All Content Copyright 2017 by Spotlight Vermont.   No unauthorized use allowed.