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Performing arts education and performing opportunities. Dance, acting, musical theater education for both casual and professional students of all ages.

I a word... no.

We have made the choice not to involve our studio in the competitive dance world... the world portrayed (somewhat inaccurately we believe) in the Lifetime Series "Dance Moms".


Not because we believe there is something inherently wrong with competing. In fact, our approach to teaching dance and performing arts is designed to help students learn how to compete in the world, something critical to success in anyone's life.

Dance competitions largely focus on the world of commercial dance and while Spotlight has a strong set of offerings for people interested in pursuing commercial dance professionally, our believe is that to be a great dancer, one needs much more in their toolkit than many dancers trained in competition studios offer. Rather than focusing on how many "High Platinum", "Low Platinum", "Gold", "Silver", "First", "Second" and so on, trophies are accumulated, we would rather focus everyday on helping each student improve and deepen their technique while at the same time increasing their love for performing.

If we've done our job right... when they do compete, be it in a Broadway audition, audition for a major ballet company or top University, or L.A. for a music video, we believe they will be better prepared than most others in the room.

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