You may have noticed that the dance and performing arts studio world can be divided into two pretty distinct categories. Those who participate in competitions and those who don't.

We have made the choice not to involve our studio in the competitive dance world... the world portrayed (somewhat inaccurately we believe) in the Lifetime Series "Dance Moms".


Not because we believe there is something inherently wrong with competing. Students compete all the time in school sports, dance teams, cheerleading, etc. However, we prefer to focus on the training and technique side of the equation rather than to be focused on the next competition. True, the incentive of frequent competitions can spur participation and preparation but in some cases and for many students it does so at the expense of developing the solid technique that is a foundation for success beyond winning a trophy. 

Also, our approach of taking each student as they are today and helping them take the very individual steps needed to advance toward tomorrow just isn't possible if the energy of the studio is focused on competitions. 

But, if competitions are your thing, great! There are local options around that we are sure you will be very happy with!