For regular session students, an annual non-refundable registration fee per student is due at the time of enrollment. 

Registration Cost -  $20.00 per enrolled student (maximum $50.00 per family).

Note: All family accounts must be current in order to register for a new session of classes.

Regular Tuition

With the exception of drop-in classes, summer classes, VTMTA, or special sessions, enrollment in a class is a commitment for the full term, September to June. The number of classes may vary per month, however tuition is based on an annual rate and payment for the term is conveniently divided into 9 equal monthly payments from September through May

Monthly tuition is posted the first of each month and due by the 1st of each month. Tuition is not prorated for absences, bad weather days or holidays.

Class Tuition Chart

Regular session tuition varies depending on length of class and are subject to change.

We have two convenient ways to pay:

  •  Installment Option -

    • 9 equal payments September through May.

    • There is no installment payment in June.

  • PrePay Option -

    • if you choose to pay for a full year of tuition, a 5% discount will be given (to tuition only; not costumes or performance fees). Please email if you wish to pay for the year in full. State your indication in your email and please provide your name and contact information. Note: The PrePay option cannot be done through our customer portal online. If you wish to use this option please contact the office. This option must be exercised before October 1st

The PrePay option cannot be done through our customer portal online. If you wish to use this option please contact the office by clicking HERE.

Note: Even though regular sessions go from September through June, there are only 9 installments. The final installment is in May.

Class Duration Installments (Sept - May) PrePay
45 Minutes $56 $478.80
One Hour $66 $564.30
One and a Quarter Hour $78 $666.90
One and a Half Hours $88 $752.40
Two Hours $97 $829.35

Individual / Family Discounts

The following discounts apply when a student(s) in the same immediate family are enrolled in multiple classes. The percentage discount is applied to the entire tuition amount and is recalculated each billing cycle based on current enrollment.

2 classes: 3% off
3 classes: 5% off
4+ classes: 10% off

PrePay Option

Tuition is an Annual fee that may be split into equal monthly installments. Additionally, if you choose to pay for a full year of tuition, a 5% discount will be given (to tuition only (not costumes or performance fees). Please email indicating your wish to pay for the year in full stating providing your name and contact information. Please Note: This option is only available each session until September 30th.

Delayed Start (available through December)

Some students participate in early fall activities that may conflict with Spotlight classes. For those students, we offer a delayed start option that allows you to suspend tuition until you begin attending Spotlight classes.... It consists of the following.

  1. Pay the appropriate annual nonrefundable registration fee.

  2. You can enroll in the classes you plan on taking when your other activities conclude but you will be placed on the WAIT LIST for those classes. Spotlight cannot guarantee there will be space available at the time your student wishes to begin attending as enrollment may have already increased beyond the class limit.

  3. When you wish to begin classes you will contact the office and, if there is space available, you can be taken off of the wait list by paying tuition for the month you begin. Tuition for the month you start is based on the date you change status. From the 1st - 15th = Full tuition for the month. From the 16th - last day of the month = 1/2 tuition for the month.

  4. Those families wishing to guarantee a place in a class should NOT use the delayed start option. You can guarantee class placement by registering before classes begin and paying tuition beginning in September. Doing so will guarantee your spot.

How Class Changes Affects Tuition

If you drop one class and add another, it is considered a schedule change and no charge is incurred unless the new class is a different length of time than the class being dropped. For example, if you were taking a 45 minute class and change to a one hour class, your tuition would increase from the fee for a 45 minute class to the fee for an hour class.

If you are adding a class to your current schedule tuition will increase accordingly..

Drop-In Classes(adult ballet only)

Drop in classes can be attended by either paying a single class drop in rate or by purchasing “Punch Cards”. Punch Cards are only available for the adult drop in ballet classes. No registration fee is required, and cards are valid for one year from purchase date.

Class Length Drop In Rate 10 Class Card 20 Class Card
1 Hour $16 $150 $280
1 1/2 Hours $18 $170 $320

Barre Only Drop In Rate With 10 Card With 20 Card
(Barre Only) $12 $11 $10

Vermont Musical Theatre Academy (VTMTA)

VTMTA is divided into two sessions, Fall and Spring. Tuition is billed at a rate of $150 monthly over our normal 9 billing periods Students may choose to do either or both sessions. The participation fee for our spring musical is fully waived for those students enrolled in both sessions. Partial credit is awarded for those in the spring session only. All our prepayment and payment policies apply including discounts. More details are available on our VTMTA page.

Scholarship Program

Each year, Spotlight makes a limited number of partial scholarships available to students who otherwise would be unable  to attend our programs. These scholarships are extended on a case-by-case basis, are needs based and require completion of an application and approval by the school's director. If you are interested in applying, please download the Application for Spotlight Scholarship form, complete it and mail or email the completed application to our office for consideration.

Payment Options


Please Note - Statement reminders are only emailed to delinquent accounts (we know you don't need any unnecessary email!)

Payments accepted include cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

1) Ask us about "automatic monthly payments". We will set up your account, upon request, to charge your credit/debit card or checking account. Accounts are processed the 1th of the month and generates an email receipt.

2) Through your personal customer portal via credit/debit card or e-check.

3) Checks should be mailed to 50 San Remo Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403. You may also leave payment with the receptionist, or deposit it in the lock box at the front desk. Please mail your payments early enough so that they are at the office before the due date on the fifth of each month to avoid any late fees

Responsible Party

We require that each account have a primary Billing Contact defined at the time of registration. Our online system will allow you to define who that billing contact is. You agree that, any other payment arrangements made either with or outside of Spotlight notwithstanding, the billing contact is ultimately responsible for any outstanding balance owed Spotlight. If there is an existing Family Court order specifying financial responsibility for classes, Spotlight will of course honor it.

Delinquent Accounts / Fees

We know that life sometimes takes unexpected turns. If circumstances make satisfying your financial obligations to Spotlight difficult PLEASE contact us. We often are able to help by establishing payment plans, investigate temporary scholarship opportunities etc. We would like to work together to help your student continue at Spotlight.

  • A $15 late fee will be added to all tuition installment payments not paid by the 10th of each month.

  • Returned checks result in a $30.00 bank service fee.

  • Failed e-check transactions result in a $5.00 merchant service fee.

Accounts that are 45 days in arrears will result in the student(s) being dropped from class rosters. Class spots may be given to the next child on the waiting list. If your student has been removed from class roster's due to payment arrears please do not bring them to class unless you are prepared to reconcile the account immediately. Reconciled accounts will have an opportunity to re-enroll in classes; however the desire to do so does not guarantee that the same class/schedule will be available. A re-enrollment fee of $20.00 will apply.

Accounts and/or any payment plans must be current NO LATER THAN MAY 15th for students to participate in the end of year Showcase. There are no exceptions to this policy

Accounts that become more than 60 days overdue will be referred to a consumer collections agency.

Costumes will not be distributed to if there is an outstanding balance on the account.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.