General Policies

Class Start Time: Spotlight classes begin on time. Students should arrive 10 minutes early so they can be dressed and ready to participate in all warm-up exercises. Warm up is an important component of class.

Class Limits: Class sizes are limited based on the room size, age and student level to provide optimum learning. If a class is full, we will make every effort to place students into an comparable class at a different time slot if possible.  If any class registration is below six students and efforts at alternative placement fails, Spotlight Vermont reserves the right to cancel the class. A refund of all deposits and charges related to the class will be made.

Age Range:  Each class has an age range deemed appropriate for the as a guideline. If you have questions about a student's placement, please check with the Director. Please note, toddlers must be out of diapers.

Dance Attire etc: 

  • Preschool / Kids Combo Classes (5-7 yr old) - Any color leotard, tights or skirts. Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.
  • Kids Ballet Classes - Pink tights, black leotard and pink ballet shoes.
  • Tap Class - Comfortable dance clothes. Black tap shoes. 
  • Jazz - Tight fitting dance clothes, foot undies, or black jazz shoes.
  • Lyrical / Modern - Tight fitting dance clothes, foot undies, or bare feet.
  • Hip Hop - Leggings, tight fitting shirt, sneakers.
  • Adult Ballet - Check with the Instructor.
  • All Classes for Males - Tshirts, shorts, black dance pants, or sweats. Check with Instructor regarding shoes.

Hair - Unless otherwise instructed, please have long hair pulled back away from your face.

Note on Shoes: We often have used shoes available for purchase at the open houses and throughout the year.  Parents and students resell their shoes at prices well below half of what they would cost new.  This is a very popular option especially for students that grow out of their shoes before they can wear them out! If you wish to purchase new... we can suggest local and online options.

Drop off/Pick Up: Spotlight Vermont is not responsible for students care after class is dismissed. You must be prompt when picking up your children after class.

Empty/Unattended Studios: The use of studios unattended by Spotlight staff is strictly prohibited. They are not to be used as a play area, waiting room, etc. Anyone found in unattended studios will be asked to leave immediately.

Waiting Rooms Etiquette: Each of our studios has a waiting area with a closed circuit TV which allows you to observe class. We welcome our parents of children six and under to stay, but it is not mandatory. We encourage all other parents to drop your child off. Be assured your children will be well cared for. 

If you choose to remain please keep the following waiting room guidelines in mind:

  • Phone calls: If you need to make a quick, urgent call, such as to a baby sitter, consideration for others suggest that you keep your voice low or take it outside. 
  • Food in Waiting Rooms. Our cleaning service schedule does not allow for nightly service so if you do bring food in, please be thoughtful and clean up before you leave.
  • Don’t leave siblings unattended in the waiting room: For your convenience, we have books and puzzles available to help occupy siblings while dancers are in class. Because we care about all children, we must insist that siblings are not running around or being disruptive while in  the studio.

Attendance: Students are expected to come to class regularly and on time. Please notify the office in advance when a student must miss a lesson due to illness, vacation or other compelling reason.

Absences: No refunds will be given due to missed lessons or lessons dropped during current month. In the event of prolonged illness or injury, please contact the office for arrangements.

Make Up Classes: If 2 or more class times are canceled in the same session due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, one "make up" lesson will be scheduled for a future time, usually during weeks the studio is on break.

Monday Holiday: With the exception of Christmas and New Year, we do not observe Monday holidays during the dance year.

Snow Cancellation: In case of inclement weather, cancellation notices will be found on our Facebook page.

Valuables: Spotlight Vermont is not responsible for lost or misplaced personal property. A lost and found area is in the front dressing room. Any unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill during the Holiday break and again after the June performances.

Performances: A spring performance is held at the end of the dance session in late May / early June each year for both our Middlebury and S.Burlington studios featuring most dance classes. Vermont Musical Theatre Academy holds a wide variety of performances throughout the year in our 80 seat Black Box theater.

Cancellation Policy: We require parents/guardians communicate intent to discontinue classes 30 days prior to leaving the studio. Written notice can be by mail, email or hand delivered to the studio and should include an effective date for withdrawal.

Termination of Enrollment: In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, it may be necessary for the Director to terminate a student's enrollment. Every effort will be made to correct a problematic situation before terminating enrollment. Reasons for termination of enrollment include the following:

  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior by students or their parents
  • Repeated unexcused absences or unfulfilled class / performance commitments 
  • Abuse of other children, staff or property
  • Inability of Spotlight Vermont to meet the child's needs