At the conclusion of each dance year Spotlight produces an annual Spring Performance for both our Middlebury and South Burlington Studios. Typically, held during the first or second weekend of June, these performances are the culmination of the years class work and are intended to showcase the hard work students have done. With the exception of ‘drop-in’ classes, students in all classes usually participate.

Beside the obvious fun involved for students and the pleasure that friends and relatives get from seeing the culmination of  a year's worth of hard work, the showcase serves a couple of other important purposes, especially for our younger SPOTLIGHT performers. 

  1. It reinforces the concept of commitment - Students learn that performing is a shared commitment to achieve a mutual goal. Everyone has to work together during the rehearsal process to learn to execute the piece well by all contributing their individual parts. They learn to be part of a team and to appreciate how important all members of a team are. 
  2. Students learn to appreciate "process" - Producing a showcase like this requires the involvement of hundreds of student's, teachers, administrative staff, costumers, lighting, sound and visual designers and takes thousands of hours of cumulative work. They come to understand (even without necessarily being able to articulate it) that process and planning are a big component of creating excellence.
  3. Students learn what it truly means to "Perform" - Adults have to "perform" in our society all the time. Depending on your chosen profession, you may have a presentation to give, a product to deliver, a surgery to perform. and appointment to keep... all are examples of instances where someone is relying in your being somewhere at a given time and accomplishing a particular thing. Our showcase is no different. Performers in the Showcase must arrive at a particular time and be prepared to perform. Be assured that our staff has been working closely with them throughout the process to help them work through the normal nervousness and insecurities we all face before going on stage. Doing so is part of the reason for having the Showcase to begin with. We are here to help students learn how to perform both on stage and in life.

Since our studios have hundreds of students, performances are typically split into two or three shows per studio divided by younger and older students in order to limit the amount of time per show. (Otherwise the show would be about 6 hours long!) Performances are staged using professional lighting, sound, and costumes. A dress rehearsal is held a day or so before the performance so students can get acquainted with the stage, and costumes.

Nominal admission is charged to cover recital expenses. Costumes are required and run approximately $40 - $50 each (teen and adult costumes may be slightly higher). A deposit of $25.00 per costume will be required with your January payment. The balance is due in full with the April payment. There will be no refund for costumes after they are ordered. Flash photography is prohibited at the recital because of the danger to performers. Flash photography and videos may be taken at dress rehearsals as the lighting used at rehearsals mitigates the danger to dancers. Audience members may take videos during the performance from their seats or from the back of the house. At no time are audience members permitted to stand in the front of the house. If this happens, the show will be suspended until such time as the front of the house has been cleared.