A Creative Approach

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Creativity isn’t just a gift that a chosen few possess. Every person is creative in their own unique way, and one of the greatest ways to enhance this unborn creativity is through dance. A good dance class is a safe place to free one’s body and soul; a place to express the you that is hidden inside. At Spotlight, our intention is to let every student shine.A year long class is not a venue for the teacher to show off their own prowess; that can often engender a “ I will never be able to do that feeling”. A continuing class is a place for our dancers to explore their strengths and weaknesses; creatively using their own unique body to express their own truth. And by working every week, a foundation can be formed. We are all creative , simply because we are all unique. At Spotlight we hope to inform week to week, month to month, beautiful dancers and beautiful people.

Written By: Liz Moore