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Old Dance Costumes? What do you do?

Being a dancer means new dance costumes show after show, year after year. Now, you’ve acquired all of these amazing and beautiful dance costumes, what do you do with them all?

You’ve got several options:

  1. Keep them! Every single one!

    • They are memories

    • Share for dress up with younger siblings or cousins

    • Halloween Dress up!

  2. Donate

    • Check with your local schools, small theatre groups, pre-school programs, and other dance and drama groups.

  3. Sell Them

    • You may be able to sell them for halloween costumes, other dance performances, dress up clothes

  4. Create a Memory Quilt

    • Are you crafty? Don’t have the space to house all of the costumes? A memory quilt of the most important and identifying pieces of the costume is a fine idea!