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Why Choose Spotlight Vermont?
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We live in a world with an abundance of choices; convenience at our fingertips. And like the world we live in, all these choices can be overwhelming. So often, our choices are determined by these two common denominators: convenience and cost. We at Spotlight would like you to dig deeper.

Spotlight is an all inclusive, socially conscious, joyful studio that is based on fair business practices. Teachers are paid well, have artistic freedom, and given credit for their work. We believe dance is for everyone; our student body is diverse. Any dancer age three ( potty trained ) and up is welcome here. There is no right or wrong body type, no belief that all brains think and learn alike; toddlers through the golden years thrive here. Dancers with physical challenges can receive private instruction and still have their moment in the recital.

Our teachers don’t have a set idea of what dance is, we study our students and then tailor the class to the individuals in that class. Teachers forge relationships with both students and parents. We want to know who is celebrating a victory, or going through a tough time; and teach accordingly. Spotlight teachers know that dance can ease a tough time and will illuminate the wonderful ones.

Students at spotlight enjoy small teacher to student ratios; larger classes have student assistants ready for one on one help. Dancers at Spotlight are celebrated individuals. We love to hear about our dancers lives, because really, dance is life in its most beautiful form, and that is what Spotlight will give you.

Written By: Liz Moore